Florida for Idiots: Summer 2010
English to American Dictionary
The UK and America - a common people separated only by their vocabulary. Yes, really, they have absolutely bastardised the English language to the point where this sort of web page is required.
English / American Dictionary
English American
Starter (as in meal) Appetizer (note the 'z')
Main Meal Entree (pronounced on-tray)
Nappy Diaper (pronouned dye-per)
Cheers (as in Thanks) Thank you
Response to someone thanking you You're Welcome (not OK, er No Problem er...)
Bye Have a nice day
Pudding Dessert
Water Warder (if you pronounce it the UK way you won't always be understood!)
Coffee Cawfee
Skinny Latte Latte Lite (or Latte with skim milk - not skimmed)
Petrol Gas
Petrol station Gas station
Puncture (flat tyre) A flat (tire)
A flat (apartment) An apartment
Aerial (on your car) Antenna
Bonnet (on your car) Hood
Boot (on your car) Trunk
Pavement (where you walk) The Sidewalk
The road (where you drive) The Pavement (or Paved Highway)
Biscuit Cookie
Scone Biscuit (nor normally sweet or with raisons!). Often eaten for breakfast.
Jelly Jello
Jam Jelly
Aubergine Egg Plant
Minced Meat (eg hamburger) Ground Beef (patty)
Crisps Chips
Chips French Fries
To book something (eg table in restaurant, evening show) To reserve something
The bill (as in restaurant) The check
A $10 note A $10 bill
Homely (nice and cosy) Homey
Ugly, not nice (as in person, or building) Homely
Mobile Phone Cell Phone
Sorry (as in Excuse Me, or What did you say?) Pardon Me? (Sorry is only used as an apology, if you step on someone's toe for example)

I-Ride small map (main route plus stops and other information)

I-Ride full map (all route information including locations of shopping areas, eating places and hotels)

Lynx bus route no 50 (Magic Kingdom / Downtown Disney to Sea World where you can pick up the I-Ride back to your hotel)

Lynx main web site

Orlando Tourist Information Bureau.com (organised trips including to the Florida Mall)

Prime Outlets (north International Drive) website

Premium Outlets (south International Drive) website

Florida Mall information

Mall at Millenia web site

Pointe Orlando web site

Golden Corral buffet restaurant website

Ponderosa buffet restaurant website

TGI restaurant web site

Things to do along International Drive

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