North Africa


Bel Azur Hotel 3* (with Sol Azur 4* and Royal Azur 5*)

Some quick notes on this hotel. The three are all built in a line, with the facilities of one being available to the guests of the others. The indoor swimming pool in Bel Azur is fine, but the one in Royal Azur is better, so you can visit the other if you want.

There was normally some kind of evening entertainment happening, courtesy of the "Animations" team, a group of enthusiastic if not quite professional young people who aim to entertain you. Joining in is not mandatory but they are appreciative if you do!

Breakfast and dinner were served in the main restaurant - the first time you go you will hand over your tickets and you will be allocated a table number and time when you can have your food (dinner). For breakfast you can sit anywhere you want. The variety and quality of the food was good; it was fresh, clean, well presented and, in the case of omelettes and fried eggs, cooked in front of you. As it was buffet service you would never leave hungry!

The Bel Azur was only 3 stories high, so looked a little lost between the other two, but there wasn't a huge difference inside each hotel. They all had a bar area, one or more swimming pools and nice gardens. I suspect the rooms were, well, roomier in the higher class hotels but the Bel Azur ones were reasonable. The maids were very accommodating and did not disturb you if you put the "Do not disturb" sign outside your door.

If I think of anything else to put in this section I'll update it...