North Africa


Hints & Tips

If you're going to Tunisia, here are some Hints & Tips that you may find useful...

1. Except in December, bring high factor sunscreen. It can easily hit 40 degrees C in the shade. Imagine what that is doing to your skin!

2. The beaches in Sousse are crowded during the summer, mainly with locals. Apparently, Tunisians like to rent houses on the coast during the summer, during which time the family normally occupying that house moves into the garage. Really. One way to make money I suppose. So unless your Hotel has a reserved part of the beach you will have to compete with the locals.

3. It's not warm enough to sunbathe in December (Xmas time). OK, it can be very nice, with blue skies and sunny days, but let's be serious! Bring a jacket/cardigan/jumper because you will need it, if not during the warmest part of the day then certainly in the morning and evening.

4. It gets dark at 5pm during December, 8pm during the Summer months. So you're more limited during Winter as to what you can do during the evening. That gentle stroll around the hotel grounds during the summer cannot be repeated during December because it is too cold and dark.

5. Watch out for the snakes under the olive trees, they are everywhere. The bite is very painful and must be treated within a couple of hours unless you want to end up in hospital for a month or two.

6. Do go to the Welcome Meeting if you are a newbie - that's where you can find out about the excursions. But that doesn't mean you have to go on them. If you are an independent sort of person you can do your own thing for the same or less money, but at least it gives you an idea of the things on offer.

7. I was kidding about the snakes in point 5. Well I had to liven this up somehow, didn't I?

8. If you are a sun, sea and hotel pool sort of person this country will appeal to you.

9. If you want to explore the countryside, the medinas, the souks, eat local food and immerse yourself in the culture of a country then this country will appeal to you many times more. If you can speak even a bit of French then it will be so much more rewarding.

10. Tunisia is interesting. Ignore the constant requests to buy a stuffed camel and you will enjoy your stay!