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Our journey to Tenerife was planned as a birthday celebration for my wife in January 2004. We only had a week's holiday so a short flight time was essential.Rugged Tenerife Terrain The 4.5 hour flying time from Luton (just down the road from us) seemed a good compromise between spending the time in cold Europe and a long haul flight.

I don't think a week can do justice to an entire island, but for those of you wishing to spend some time in Tenerife I think this part of my web site could be of interest. I've included some "must sees" and "must dos" as well as those things probably best avoided (in my humble opinion, of course!). What this site is not going to do try and do a mini "Rough Guide" or "Lonely Planet" - I'm kind of assuming that you'll buy a copy of either one of those (or something like it) if you're intending to more than just Sun, Sea and Sand for the week or fortnight. Actually, read my recommendation for books - I think I found a book better than either of those two just mentioned, and it's from the AA (that's the Automobile Association, not Alcoholics Anonymous).

Anyway, time to get started, so dip in and read on!

  1. Getting to Tenerife
  2. Puerto de la Cruz [North]
  3. Santa Cruz (the Capital) [North East]
  4. West of Puerto to Los Gigantes (cliffs) [North West]
  5. Mount Teide volcano [Bang in the middle!]
  6. Las Americas and Los Cristianos [South]
  7. Hints and Tips
  8. Picture Gallery
  9. Useful Links
  10. Back to Mouse Mat Homepage
    (contains interesting things about our journeys to Florida (USA), Gambia (West Africa), Tunisia (North Africa) and even how to build a computer!)
If you find this web site useful to you, or want further information on areas covered here, drop me a line: , but if I have not visited a particular part of Tenerife not already mentioned here then obviously I won't be of much help to you. Try the Useful Links section instead, perhaps!

Best Regards
Ralph, Anita and Kirsty
January 2004

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