Canary Islands


The South: Playa de Americas & Los Cristianos

This is a very short entry on this area of Tenerife, mainly because we spent only a couple of hours here. It's where the majority of sun-worshippers aim for, so the whole area appeared to be one giant seaside resort.

However there are plenty of shops, bars, cafes, beaches and clubs for all tastes it appeared to me, so even if you don't fit into the hedonistic lifestyle of the stereotypical 18-30 age group this area could still hold penty of appeal.

It was definitely warmer here (it was about 24oC here compared to 20oC in Puerto) but it was also windier. In the north of the island I was amazed at the lack of wind or even a breeze. This is was allowed me to walk about in barely living room temperature at 8pm wearing a T-shirt, of course. Down here, if the temperature dropped a few degrees I can forsee that the wind "chill-factor" would ensure the wearing of a jacket.

Los CristianosWe didn't have the time to explore the place here, and we felt very disorientated because the place was so big. I would liked to have visited the animal park nearby or taken a boat to La Gomera island from here, but there just wasn't the time.

You can tune in to Power Radio FM on your car stereo whilst in the south. This is an excellent radio station that offers news, advice, horoscopes and jobs. The music is up-to-date and the DJs are friendly!

It is sometimes nice to hear a friendly English voice. I would say to them "keep up the good work" but it's obvious they're a huge success anway! But don't take my word for it, click on that link and you can listen over the Internet to what they have to offer, including jobs, news, timeshares, competitions and more! I still occasionally listen now that I'm back in the UK, with an ear out for the stuttering, octagenarian news reader we heard whilst touring in the region (I kid you not). Perhaps the regular newsreader was missing and they grabbed the next person walking by?

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