DigiFusion FVRT100

Personal Digital Recorder

5. Reviews

Forum member RHardaker (Richard) has given us an unbiased review of the Digifusion FVRT200 compared to the Pace Twin. The forum thread can be found here, but Richard's entire review is reprinted with his kind permission below:

Thought I would post my initial views on the FVRT200. I have also owned a pace twin for 18 months so a comparison with that might be useful.

Apologies as I'm sure many of these things have been covered before.

First impression was not too good as the unit went in the pls wait power cycle after tuning all channels and then watching for about 10 mins. More details in the pls wait thread. Basically my unit had the 2amp supply. A 3amp from digifusion sorted this but not a good start. Interestingly the PVRT200 unit is stamped as 3amp underneath yet they supply a 2amp supply...anyway....up and running.

Initial thoughts:


1. Great picture - better than pace I would say - sharper and better colours.

2. Useful to record two channels at once (pace only one and watch one).

3. Neat slim unit

4. Always recording last 30mins could be useful

5. Size of hard disk (is it 20 hours in sp?) pace only 10 hours

6. Very fast to come out of standby - pace takes about 15secs.

7. EPG guide is much easier to use then pace as it pre-populated overnight. With the pace it is only populated when you go to it and many times items just do not appear.


1. Remote feels cheap and button usage much more fiddly than pace

2. Menus not as easy to follow as pace but that may come over time

3. Display on unit difficult to read due to reflection and size / brightness

4. Cannot really hear the fan in my front room but wouldn't want it in a bedroom - the pace is currently there and totally silent when not recording.

5. When you want to start watching a progamme already recording you have to go to the current point in the programme and skip backwards - not good if you are in the middle of a motor race or football match etc. as you might see the score etc. With the pace you go to recordings and just press play on the currently recording item and you go to the start.

Features missing (I think) that are on the pace and I find useful - I will miss these:

1. Skip forwards / backwards in 1 minute chunks with one press button - great for advert skipping.

2. Automatically resume playing a recording from where you stopped last time (on any recording) by one press from recording menu

3. Just press play button and pace automatically plays from where you left the last thing you were watching from the recordings.

4. Another useful feature of the twin is you can set a default number of minutes to be added to the start and end of every recording - even when they are selected from the EPG [rather than having to do it manually with the FVRT unit for each recording]

Thanks, Richard, an evenly tempered review. If only we could combine an FVRT200 with the Twin we'd have an ideal unit!