DigiFusion FVRT100

Personal Digital Recorder

The FVRT100 (and FVRT150) hard disk Freeview recorders can be upgraded in many ways. This page merely brings together the many suggestions from the Digital Spy forum that is such a rich source of such information.

Each forum member is credited in full as appropriate on the linked pages. I claim no credit for any of the outstanding work done by forum members Craig_16, af123, Ilowman, Dave_101, Boinng, Loonytoon, CJL and the many others that have made the forum such a success - and the FVRT100/145/150 series a better piece of kit.

1. Upgrading the run-time firmware

This is probably the most frequent upgrade, simply because the firmware version shipped with the FVRT100 (version 1.6.3) has a few bugs that irritated users and frequently caused the Digibox to hang with strange error messages during the Over Air Download (OAD) and Electronic Program Guide (EPG) update, that occurs at 3am daily. [more...]

2. Hard Disk upgrade

The second most common upgrade is the hard disk, mainly because the 40Gb (80Gb on the FVRT150) doesn't hold very much (about 20 hours, double that for the FVRT150) but sometimes because the hard disk might fail after a while (usually outside the warranty period) [more...]

3. Power Supply unit replacement

Original FVRT100s come with a 12 volt, 2A plug in unit that was barely adequate for the job; it was a case of "when it fails" not "if it fails". It might fail during the warranty period (which meant it would be replaced free of charge by Digifusion) or, more commonly, after about [more...]

4. Replacement Remote Control Units

So you're fed up with the dinky little remote supplied by Digifusion then are you? Or perhaps all the numbers and letters have rubbed off so you have to guess what some of the keys do? The read on [more...]

5. Reviews (by users, not magazines)

You're wondering which Freeview Hard Disk player to buy, right? Here's a review by forum member RHardaker who now has a FVRT200 but previously had a Pace Twin tuner. If you're not scared of the truth, read on... [more...]

6. Advanced Repair Techniques

Consider yourself an experienced user? Or want to contact someone who is? Not afraid of a soldering iron? Then this page may be just what you need. [more...]

A1. Top 10 Hints & tips - the most frequently asked on the forum

  1. Why does my FRVT100 get stuck in HOLD or EPG every morning? [Answer...]
  2. I'm not getting the Over Air Download (OAD) for 1.7.4 / 1.7.5 - why not? [Answer...]
  3. I can't stand the noise of the unit so I switch it off every night. Now I have no Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Why not? [Answer...]
  4. What's the "two fingered salute" that everyone in the forum seems to know about and what does it do? [Answer...]
  5. I phoned Digifusion with a problem and they said I had to format my hard disk. Is this really necessary and will I lose my recordings? (Also see FAQ 13) [Answer...]
  6. I can hear clicks inside the unit, especially when recording one or more programs. Is this normal? [Answer...]
  7. Will I invalidate my warranty if I take off the lid / upgrade the hard disk/ flash the firmware? [Answer...]
  8. My digibox gets very dodgy when it gets warm, with freezes and picture break up. Why? [Answer...]
  9. My box is permanently stuck in HOLD - Help! [Answer...]
  10. I tried a new PSU and it made no difference, the unit still freezes after a while [Answer...]
  11. How do I access the "engineer's screen"? [Answer...]
  12. What's the PIN to format my hard drive? [Answer...]
  13. Where else can I get more answers to questions like these? [Answer...]


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