DigiFusion FVRT100

Personal Digital Recorder

1. Finding someone to do it for you

If you're a wimp with a soldering iron, or wouldn't know one end of a capacitor from a zener diode then you probably want someone else to repair your unit for you.

So far, we've had positive feedback (via the Digital Spy forum) of an ebay repair technician who calls himself Sinclair470. He puts on a repair ad every few days for 99p with postage of about £10. He then investigates and tells you what is needed and how much, does the job (or not, if you decide it's not worth the money) and sends the unit back to you for no extra money (because that's why you paid so much postage on eBay in the first place). Try logging on to ebay and searching for 'Digifusion Repairs' or his name, Sinclair470.

Here's a link to the relevant Digital Spy forum posting that contains details. (Opens in new window). Thanks to forum member Digiboxer.


2. The capacitor mod

Replacing the capacitors that stablise the 12-volt and 5-volt power lines has resurrected many a dead or dying FVRT100/145/150/200. The original capacitors fail mainly, it is thought, because they get overheated (or just are in too hot an environment in that tiny case for too long). Symptoms of failed capacitors are that the unit gets stuck in 'HOLD' and won't boot because the hard disk can't get enough power (for the technically minded, the capacitors "smooth" the rectified DC power so instead of the power going from zero to +12-volts 50 times a second, it is smoothed to +12-volts all the time. Think of the capacitor as a bucket storing the charge for a short while.).

The solution is to either 1. augment or 2. replace the original capacitors for new ones. You can either get large ones and solder them with long leads (wires) to strategic points on the circuit board, or identify the original, dodgy capacitors, desolder them and replace them with new shiny ones.

Details of the first method here. Thanks to 180Dukebox.

Details of the second method here. (Opens new window). Thanks to Boff1000.

From either of these linked pages you can open the entire Digital Spy thread (top right of screen) and read everything else on that discussion.


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