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4. Replacement Remote ControlsButlers ViewandBuy replacement remote control

Swiftly ignoring the fact that some forum members actually seem to like the original remote control supplied with the FVRT100/150 there's no getting away from the fact that the numbers, letters and plastic coating of the buttons all rub off over time. Coupled with the fact that for many hands it is quite small and very directional, this has been enough for many members to seek out new remotes and enjoy them.

There seem to be two distinct paths to travel:

Recommended replacements (in no particular order):

  1. Forum member RalphB (that's me!) recommends the standard replacement from Butlers ViewandBuy.com, pictured here right. Solid ly built and has all the buttons of the original remote albeit in different places (actually, better placed IMHO). Just £14.99 plus p&p. Also available from www.freeviewremote.co.uk for £14.44 delivered; they have many other remote control units too!
  2. Craig_16 says: I use a oneforall Kameleon 6 - available from Argos - which needed to be upgraded over the phone for the FVRT100 (much easier than it sounds). You could teach it all the codes, but I needed the limited space for PC remotes etc. It works flawlessy, and looks great with the lights dimmed.
  3. Beachwalker describes himself as "of the older generation" and just got a bit confused about the topic of the thread, so we'll just move swiftly on.
  4. CJL (aka Cliff) declares "one of the best programmable remotes that works well with the Fusion is a "Tevion" 8-in-1 branded one that Aldi sold for just £5 but sadly, like all things Aldi, it was only stocked the once... As it's worth so much more than £5 I'm guessing this was just dumping end of line stock rather than something they might be able to offer again - but if anyone ever spots Aldi doing a £5 learning remote then I'd snap one up just in case if I were you!" In the meantime, Cliff says your best best might be ebay for this unit.
  5. Numerically named tr33lo states "I just bought a harmony 525 and it works like a dream on all my system!! and it's very easy to set up." So even if I don't know how to pronounce your forum name, your recommendation has been welcomed and noted.
    (aka Mike) also says about the same remote "It works very well with the Digifusion box and is programmable from a computer. If you have a screen, Amp, set top box and DVD- you can program it to switch on/off all the devices at once. I've seen the expensive remotes with LCD screens and I think this one it the best", so we have two forums members in harmony (geddit?).
  6. thebigt (Tony to his friends) reports "One For All's new 5 in 1 Digital Stealth remote (URC-7555) works out of the box (ok - you need to enter a code from the manual!) with the FVRT100. I picked one up a few weeks back from Currys for £19.99 (though I believe the regular price is £24.99) - hopefully this might be useful". It certainly is mate!
  7. "I got a Logitech Harmony about 3 weeks ago," says jeremy.w. "It's beyond wonderful . I've thrown the six previous separate remotes and an OFA Mosaic into the back of a cupboard, hoping never to see them again. Easy (if slightly lengthy) PC-based USB-linked set-up. Works like a dream - on all 7 devices. Highly recommended, if you're driven through sheer frustration to chuck money at the problem." I wonder if this is a relation to the Harmony 525 mentioned above?
  8. "I have used both a Harmony 628 and a Harmony 659 to control my whole setup," boasts tetricky, "including the fusion fvrt100, to great success. They are a substantial improvement on the original remotes, providing superior 'activity based' as well as the more familiar 'device based' control modes. My older 628 has actually stopped working, and I will attempt to resolve that as I still prefer the button layout compared to the 659 for fvrt100 use. The harmony's are very non-technical user friendly (in my case 'wife friendly'), once setup. It has been described as 'the best gadget you've ever bought', although so has my Isso Vivvi espresso machine ;-) "
  9. Back in November 2005 forum member Hemlock posted "Don't know about the 150, but I certainly have a OFA Kameleon 6 working well with the 100. I did have to phone Holland for the codes, but the girl at the other end rang me back straight away and downloaded them onto the K6, AND insisted on staying on the phone until I had proved they all worked for the gear I have. Can't grumble at that. My only complaint with my backlit EL K6 is the size, a two handed job, one to hold it and the other to press the buttons."
    had a different experience with the same unit: "I 'phoned them up and they downloaded the code over the 'phone. Code is 1645 and I've reassigned a few buttons and added some others (I've got an almost complete key code table if anyone needs it). I ended up having to program by hand:
    Skip forwards, Skip backwards, Subtitles, Library, Calendar, Volume+, Volume-, and Mute because for some reason OFA didn't do these in the code set, but that;s just a few keypresses and now it's great.
  10. A common piece of advice running through the forum threads on remotes, is to check the returns policy of the place you are buying from in case it cannot be made to work with your paricular unit. Sound advice indeed.


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