DigiFusion FVRT100

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3. Power Supply Unit (PSU) replacement

Original FVRT100s came with a 12 volt, 2A plug in unit that was barely adequate for the job; it was a case of "when it fails" not "if it fails". It might fail during the warranty period (which meant it would be replaced free of charge by Digifusion) or, more commonly, after the warranty expires.

A replacement power supply unit, which delivers 12 volts at 5A is available for about £15 plus p&p and usually rescues your Digibox from the dreaded "hold" state instantly.

Early signs of failure of the PSU are frequent lock-ups (e.g. freezing whilst watching a recorded program), not recording scheduled programs, and the library recordings disappearing without warning.

Most Digital Spy forum users use a replacement from Digi Dave (opens in new window) who supplies a lap-top type power supply rated at 12 volts and 5 Amps - more than double the original unit. In case that direct link to the product ever gets out of date, Digi Dave's home page can be found at http://www.digidave.co.uk - from there select Power Adaptors and then find the "Sunny Universal power supply with power cord - 12V 5A - 60W" at the end of the list. He even mentions the FVRT100 in the product details!

I've got one of these units and it is more than up to the job! As far as I can tell there are no complaints from Digital Spy forum users either; he sends the unit out very quickly and we all secretly suspect he is making a lot of money from our business!

Image of replacement PSU

Although the picture doesn't show it, it also comes with a mains lead and plug.
The cost of the unit is 14.99 incl.VAT plus postage (as at 12/03/2006)

Newer FVRT units come with a PSU that looks more like the picture above and are rated at 12 volts 3 Amps and are much more capable - there have been no reports of any failures in the forums with the newer style power supply units.

If your PSU looks like the picture it is a newer style, 3A model; if you have a "plug in" type adapter then it is the older, 2A model that will eventually require replacing.

However, forum member Father Alice reports: "I recently contacted fusion about the psu, and was advised that they have increased the warranty period [for the PSU] to 15 months ... [this] might also encourage people to call fusion, rather than assume it is out of warranty and get a digidave straight away!"

If you replace the power supply unit (especially if you are fitting a new hard disk) and you still get the dreaded HOLD message, then forum member Boinng reckons you may need to do the capacitor modification, initiated by forum member 180dukebox here (take some time reading this thread, especially the later pages). This involves some soldering and the use of capacitors - don't do this if you value your warranty!


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