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FAQs - summarised from the Digital Spy Digifusion forum


Why does my FRVT100 get stuck in HOLD or EPG every morning?

Possibly because you are running an old (possibly original) version of the firmware (the program inside the unit). Version 1.6.3 is known to have problems in this respect. You can either wait and hope you get an update sent over the air some time soon or follow the instructions to update your firmware manually.

Alternatively, and less likely, it could be that your original, plug-in style power supply unit is failing (but not yet totally dead). See the page about upgrading your Power Supply Unit.

I'm not getting the Over Air Download (OAD) for 1.7.4 / 1.7.5 - why not?

During the period 1st November 2005 to mid-March 2006 there have been sporadic updates sent at best; no knows why Digifusion are not sending version 1.7.4 out regularly (or even 1.7.5 which has the widescreen bug fixed). You can either wait and hope, or follow the instructions on how to upgrade the firmware yourself.

Forum member CJL (aka Cliff) comments "The most common answer to why people aren't getting OAD and EPG (apart from that listed above) is that the user is having problems getting MuxD and the common test for that is whether they see anything on "The Hits" or not (or whether it's even in the channel list). If they get THAT MuxD channel they should get EPG/OAD too."

I can't stand the noise of the unit so I switch it off every night. Now I have no Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Why not?

The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is sent daily at about 3am - if your unit is switched off it won't get it and you'll slowly run out of program guide days (14 max). Not all 14 days' worth are sent at once either, so just leaving you rmachine on, say, once a week will not give you all the 14 days' worth in one go. You really need to keep the machine switched on, at least between 3am and 4am daily. A time switch might do the job.

What's the "two fingered salute" that everyone in the forum seems to know about and what does it do?

This is the colloquial reference to pressing the two right most buttons on the unit as you power up. It has the effect of writing a small file to the internal hard disk (called REVERT). This alerts the unit's start up program to load the unit's run time program from the chip inside the unit and not from the hard disk (which is where the OAD versions of the software are stored).

Basically, if your unit shipped with version 1.6.3 but you have received, say, 1.7.4 over the air, by pressing the two buttons you will force the unit to revert to the 1.6.3 stored in its chip.

You can undo that change by doing another two fingered salure; this has the effect of deleting the REVERT file and so the unit will load whatever version of the run time program is on the disk, totally ignoring the version stored in its chip.

I phoned Digifusion with a problem and they said I had to format my hard disk. Is this really necessary and will I lose my recordings?

If you format your disk you will lose the updated run time program (eg version 1.7.5) and any recording you have, as well as the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Once the format has finished it will search for transmitters again and you'll be at the stage you were when you first switched on the unit. Not recommended unless your disk is corrupted or unless you can update the run time program by following the instuctions on page 1 here.

I can hear clicks inside the unit, especially when recording one or more programs. Is this normal?

Yes this is normal, although some disks are considerably louder than others. The original 40Gb disk in the FVRT100 was particularly silent; the 80Gb disk in the FVRT150 is particularly clicky, in my experience. Read the forum for other suggestions on disk makes and models.

Will I invalidate my warranty if I take off the lid / upgrade the hard disk/ flash the firmware?

Yes, yes and yes. Don't do it unless you are prepared to forgo your warranty.

My digibox gets very dodgy when it gets warm, with freezes and picture break up. Why?

Overheating, probably. Turn the unit upside down and see if you can see or hear the small fan going round. At the same time, removed any build up of dust around the ventilation holes with a hoover. Oh, don't leave the unit running whilst you do this!

Make sure that the unit is well ventilated. Enclosing it in a cabinet with your VCR, Plasma and other assorted electronic equipment probably won't help.

Finally, it might just be that your plug-in style PSU is failing. Read the FAQ and web page about PSU problems.

My box is permanently stuck in HOLD - Help!

Almost definitely your plug in style PSU has failed. If it's under warranty phone Digifusion for a replacement, otherwise see the page on PSU replacement.

I tried a new PSU and it made no difference, the unit still freezes after a while

Sometimes the cable connected to the hard disk works loose in transit. To fix this you will have to remove the case (requires a Torx 10 screwdriver bit for the 5 star shaped screws) and then just ensure the ribbon cable leading to the hard disk is pressed firmly in - check the other end too but be gentle as you're pressing onto the motherboard which could crack given enough pressure!

Here's a link to forum member Loonytoon's (aka Ray) web site with pictures of what your unit looks like inside, where the ribbon cable can be clearly seen.

How do I access the "engineer's" screen?

Easy! Just go to the Menu, then Setup, then Technical Information and type 2846.

What's the PIN to format my hard drive?

To format the hard disk (think twice) go to the set up screen, press the appropriate coloured key as indicated at the top of the screen, enter the default PIN of 1111 and say goodbye to your library, updated software and EPG. It will, however, sort out a corrupted library or recording.

Where else can I get answers to questions like these?

You can get answers to many more problems like these at the Digital Spy forums - there's one specially set up for Digifusion owners. You can talk to the likes of Boinng, CJL, Dave_101, AF123 and technical guru Ilowman, just to mention a few. Go pay a visit now!



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