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During the course of several dozen hours of web browsing in preparation for our Costa Rica holiday, it quickly became apparent that certain sites were more useful than others.

OK, I'll list few I found useful (but of course they may be broken or out-of-date by the time you read this) but this is what I did.

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to http://www.google.com and download their search bar. It plugs into IE under all those buttons. It is the most useful search engine I have ever found. Just type in words like "Costa Rica cloud forest hotels" and you will get a plethora of useful sites.

Here are some that I used time and time again:

http://www.puertoquepos.com/ which has a noisy homepage (drums and the like) for about 30 seconds, but is excellent nonetheless for tours in the Manuel Antonia area of the Pacific coast. Just click on the Adventures section (we did the Rainmaker, Isla Damas and Manuel Antonio park tours).

Also in the Costa Verde area is www.costaverde.net which details some tours you can do.

www.monteverdeinfo.com is useful for all things in the cloud-forest, such as the Santa Elena cloud forest reserve, but go to www.skywalk.co.cr for information on the Skytrek and Skywalk near that same forest.

As previously mentioned, the tour that Trips Worldwide organised for us included all transport between hotels. This was actually carried out by their partner, www.caminotravel.com, who supplied us with all information, vouchers and of course a driver who turned up every few days to get us to the next stop. If you're totally independent you may want to stop by this site and check it out.

The Caņo Negro wildlife refuge tour, from Arenal, is adequately described by www.arenal.net along with many others in that area.

Right, the rest is up to you! There are dozens (hundreds) of sites all dedicated to Costa Rica, which I why in this summary of my travels I have not tried to replicate the information already freely available.

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