Central America

Costa Rica


Our journey to Costa Rica started, on paper, in October 2001. There was much research and web searching, with various itinerary options being offered by our potential tour operator, Trips Worldwide.

Jungle BungalowActually, they would probably feel a bit insulted at that description; they are anything but a package holiday tour operator. They provide bespoke, one-off tours to Central America and the Alternative Caribbean. What you end up with, no-one else will. Or at least, if like us, you tread the path that thousands of tourists have trod before you on the sight-seeing trip of Costa Rica, the itinerary you end up with is still unique to you. There might, coincidentally, be others travelling at least part of the route with you. In our case it was just us.

We paid our deposit on our agreed itinerary in December 2001, spent the next 7 months "preparing" (e.g. organising tours) and departed at the end of July 2002, returning mid-August 2002. This is just our personal recollection of that stunning tour, warts and all, with a few "if only someone had mentioned that before...". If you are planning (or have booked) a trip to Costa Rica you may find this useful, even if you don't stay in exactly the same places as us.

  1. Getting to Costa Rica
  2. San Jose, capital of Costa Rica [Central]
  3. Tortuguero, turtle capital of the world! [Caribbean Coast, North East]
  4. Sarapiqui rain forest [North Central]
  5. Arenal volcano (if you ever get to see it) [North]
  6. Monteverde Cloud Forest [North West]
  7. Manuel Antonio National Park [Pacific Coast, South]
  8. Hints and Tips
  9. Picture Gallery
  10. Useful Links
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If you find this website useful to you, or want further information on areas covered here, drop me a line: , but if I have not visited an hotel or a particular part of Costa Rica not already mentioned here then obviously I won't be of much help to you. Try the Useful Links section instead, perhaps!

Ralph, Anita and Kirsty
September 2002

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