Report on Bulgaria 2004
The Weather in Bulgaria
Most people escape the British summer by going abroad for some sun and warmth. We escaped the British summer for some sun and warmth and rain and then lots of rain!
OK, don't panic! Bulgaria is warmer than England, about 25 degrees on average, although they do get some days in the high 30s away from the coast. Incidentally in the winter it's a lot colder than Britain, with quite a bit of snow.

Summer 2004 was reassuring the "wettest summer we have known for many years" our tour guides delighted in telling us. So by that token if you're going any time after 2004 you'll no doubt get unbroken sunshine from 7am until 7pm.

It was really hammering down - a truly torrential downpour! A very rainy day in Nessebur! You can see all the tourists taking shelter inside the shop (with one brave soul standing outside!).

Which we had for quite a few days, but one Saturday we had rain non-stop for 24 hours. In a tourist resort like Golden Sands what do you do with the day with weather like that? Well, both my wife and daughter had their hair cut and coloured in the nice hairdressers in the Imperial hotel.

The whole bill came to about 85 levs each (my daughter had two different colours and my wife had highlights) which is about 30 quid all in, including tip. Wow!
We had bad weather on about 3 separate days plus the continous rainy Saturday mentioned above, which is quite a bit out of a 2-week break, don't you think?

And as luck would have it, two of the days were when we were on an excursion to Nessebar (island). We only did the trip again because it rained the first time!

Take an umbrella!

If it threatens rain, take cover (and a table) in a nearby restaurant. At least you will be seated with a coffee when the heavens open!

Golden Sands flooded pretty badly with all the rain; the drains just could not cope.

But the good news is, once it stopped raining then after a couple of hours you wouldn't know that it had rained at all!