Report on Bulgaria 2004
Getting to Bulgaria - airports are such fun!
We travelled with Balkan Holidays who seem to be the tour operator with the most experience of the Balkan area. Their brochure is extensive as is the range of holidays they offer.

But they are not the only tour operators going to Bulgaria these days, and it might pay to look around more thoroughly than we did.
We deliberated long and hard whether a week in the mountains followed by a week by the coast would be better than two weeks on the coast.

With hindsight that is exactly what we would have chosen. As it is, the brochure was very unclear as to what we might expect in the mountains during the summer (it's used for skiing in the winter) and being the usual paranoid British tourist frightened of making a mistake with our precious two weeks' holiday we plumped for two weeks on the coast.
This web site details what we found, how we found it, whether it was good, bad or indifferent and whether we would go back. I'll praise where praise it due but I'll call a spade a spade and won't pull any punches.

Of course, we're not all the same. What I might find very enjoyable might have other people nodding off, or the reverse. Also, I'll include the opinions of my wife and my 15 year old daughter who, like most teenagers, still sees things in shades of black and white and she's not afraid of saying it as she sees it!

So you can be sure of a spread of opinions as we travel to the former communist country of Bulgaria (and even Romania) that is promoting itself as the new Costa del Sol.

Anyone going (or planning to go) to Bulgaria should check out the forum at this site as many people will be able to give you the benefit of their experience.

That said, I would say 75% of the posting there are people all asking the same questions, whether about individual hotels, exchange rates, beer prices or whatever.

That's why I'm creating this web site: to provide a more permanent reference for people travelling to Bulgaria.