Report on Bulgaria 2004
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A view of Varna beach through the trees of Primorski Park

Here's a list of all the tours they did, but which we did not do unless described in other web page on this site:

  1. Nessebar
  2. The Danube
  3. Country and People
  4. Discover Bulgaria
  5. Romania
  6. Jeep Safari
  7. Jeep Safari and Yacht Trip

    Half Day:
  8. Balchik and Kaliakra
  9. Dolphin Show
  10. Varna Shopping
  11. Lazy Day Cruise

    Evening stuff:
  12. Balkan Bash
  13. Balkan Holidays Fiesta
  14. Pub Crawl
  15. Bowling
  16. Bingo and Quiz
All these outing will be described in the Welcome Meet to which you'll be invited as you exit the airport on arrival. Frankly the meeting was terrible.

Firstly you couldn't understand the Bulgarian-speaking reps. The sound system (microhone etc) was set up so that they sounded as if they were speaking inside a cardboard box with a blanket over them. That together with their bad accents meant that it was just a noise.

Secondly, "the meet" was held in one of the many (open) restaurants along the main road with lorries, buses and people all trooping past making it impossible to hear the already indecipherable information.

Finally, even the last English rep who turned up trying to sell the Pub Crawl Party (to a motley crew of 50-something tourists!) was difficult to understand. However, I heard later of one tourist who went on this outing that it was pretty good value for money with 6 good sized drinks for a single payment of 15 levs (about £5).

All in all it was not worth going to "the meet" except to get the list of excursions because you had to pay by CASH! If you wanted pay using your credit card you had to trek to the Balkan Holidays office in the Sirena Hotel, about 15 minutes walk away.

Oh and one final nail in the coffin: do NOT drink the welcome meet wine, it is only fit to be put on chips. Yuk! Do yourself a favour and order a large bottle of water from the waiters for 2 levs.

Come on, Balkan Holidays! Get your ACT TOGETHER!

The lady taking credit card payments in the Balkans Holiday office (Sirena Hotel ) was very nice if a little quietly spoken.

But at least what she did say you could hear and understand without problems!

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