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The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God‘s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.
Of Birds & Gardens
Welcome to my web site that can show you how to make your garden more attractive to birds, butterflies, insects and other occasional visitors!

Britain seems to be becoming a nation of bird watchers and nature lovers. Hurrah! Programs such as the recent (Summer 2005) series with Bill Oddie where secret cameras captured the comings and goings of all manner of species of birds, as well as the occasional fox, made for riveting viewing. More than 3 million viewers tuned in, so it shows that people are interested in, and want to support, nature.

Until a couple of hundred years ago, birds were getting on very well thank you very much, living in harmony with man. They had acre after acre of woodland to find their food, nest and roost and were un-threatened. Then came disaster in the form of the industrial revolution; their habitats were cut down, organised farming changed the face of the countryside forever, and the birds were suddenly fighting for their very existence. Although our countryside seems to be disappearing still, the increasing support for living in harmony with nature has put a halt to wanton, widespread destruction of wildlife habitats.
A garden the size of Suffolk?
Nowadays, motorways and bypasses are still being built, but with at least half an eye on being as environmentally supportive as practicable: toad underpasses, badger crossings, natural meadowland and artificial ponds built around the fast lane of the carriageway at least goes some way to supporting our countryside and its residents.

Birds depend now, more than ever before, on our gardens. It has been estimated that all the British gardens put together would make up an area the size of Suffolk. Just think how many birds that could support, before you add in the hedgerows, copses, woodlands and protected areas that give valuable sanctuary to our feathered and furred friends.
It's addictive
With any luck this section of my website can show you how you can help to support our feathered friends, without undue cost.

More than that, it can give you an interest in your garden that you never experienced before, as you discover how birds and plants live in harmony. You can attract birds to your garden that you've never seen before - but a word of warning: once you get hooked you'll be talking about chaffinches, blue-tits, Winter Jasmine and crab-apple trees like you'd never thought possible!