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Home to Roost

Tempting them in


Not just birds?

Predators - a problem

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The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God‘s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.
My Garden
The "garden" is split into two distinct parts: the patio area which takes up 50% of the area, and cordoned off by a small swarf wall, and the non-patio area that was previously lawn but is now pebbled.

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You can see the main pagoda or archway from which we hang the bird feeders. It has a corrugated plastic roof (cost about 10 from Wickes, including all the nails) and prevents any of the seed getting wet.

At the foot of the archway are the planters which have various planters that grow up the side trellis.

Finally, we have our patented cat mesh to stop the damn cat jumping up at the birds. Drat that cat!
The Future?
When I win the lottery I'll invest a bit of money in the garden, like landscaping the current pebbled area.
It never ends
Perhaps one of the reasons "real" gardeners love gardening as a hobby is because it never ends. There is always something to do in the garden, whether preparing the forthcoming seasons seedlings, buying patio pots, compost, seeds and other essentials, or just watering and tending for one's plants.

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Although I don't consider myself a "real" gardener, because I'm a rank amateur and just do it for the birds mainly, I too have tremendous fun following the same steps of those Alan Titchmarsh would-bes.

I recently bought one of those Gardman plastic covered mini "green houses" for £20, so that I could plant my seeds and seedlings earlier in the season; this lets me then plant them out in late April or even May when all risk of frost has gone and have the flowers really early on in the season.

Not only that, but I also bought a Gardman mini-grow house for tomato plants for £10. It was, however, far too tall (about 6') so I just removed one length of leg on each corner. Now it's just 3' tall and just perfect for those tomato bushes that are mere seedlings at the moment - but give them a chance....