Acer Aspire One 110/150 - dual booting, utilities and more!

If you have an AAO 110 or 150 then you need to look at these guides.
How to dual (or triple boot) your Acer Aspire One 110 or 150

Everything you need to know in order to change your Linpus Acer Aspire One into a dual (or even triple) booting system.

Easy step-by-step guide by members DJ_Steve and Aresby.

Essential XP utilities for your Acer Aspire One - and it won't cost you a penny! (New)
  1. Changing your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 - two ways, both brilliant
  2. Controlling the cooling fan in your Acer Aspire One so you don't feel embarrassed at the noise it makes
  3. Extending the battery life by:
    1. under-clocking the CPU speed but still have a workable system
    2. switching off unused peripherals (e.g. your web camera)
  4. Automatically changing the XP wallpaper with Acer-sized images - or your own photos!

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