Acer Aspire One 110/150 essentials!

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Digital Photo Frame from Bionix

OK, this freeware (paid-for enhanced versions also available) utility isn't actually promoted as a digital photo frame but your Acer does the job beautifully for no extra cost to you!

It's actually a Windows Wallpaper Changer; that (boring) background picture you have displayed all the time can be changed (cycled) as often as you want with this program. Whilst there are many top quality 1024 x 600 pixel background images available that are designed to fit your Acer, why not use it to display those photos you keep taking but never print?

Works best with landscape orientation photos in widescreen mode but standard 4:3 can be displayed centre-screen (stretching photos horizontally is never a good idea unless you want to look as though you need to attend WeightWatchers very soon!). You could, of course, resize or crop your photos to fit exactly.

I've set up a few "playlists" (a lá Winamp) to display either my photos, or various wallpapers depending on how the mood takes me. If you find the paid for version(s) offer you features you need then it's only a few dollars (and heavily discounted during the Xmas 2008 period, at least). I'm tempted...

Visit the author's web page for full details of this interesting utility.