Dual boot Acer Aspire One 110/150 with Linpus & Windows XP

All credits for the information are due to AspireOneUser.com member DJ_Steve. Edited by Aresby.

You have an Acer Aspire 110 or 150 running the Linpus operating system and you now want to add Windows XP so that you have a choice of operating systems on boot up. No problem! The original, unabridged version of these instructions (e.g. how to triple boot) can be found here.

These pages were designed to fit an Acer Aspire One (1024 x 600 pixels) exactly when using your browser in full screen mode (press F11 to switch to/from full screen mode). It has been tested with IE6, IE7, IE8, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. If you're using something else then it may not display correctly (although it was only IE6 and IE7 that caused me problems).

If you are a novice in Linux and Windows then you ought to gen up a bit on what is required - and more importantly what your options are if you get stuck with your Acer unable to boot. Although it shouldn't happen you may not be able to get yourself out of a situation that a more knowledgable person would be able to resolve. Remember, it's not a one click operation!

The good news is that you will always be able to get yourself back to a Linpus installation as though you had just bought it. That's OK if you have made no (or trivial) changes to the Linpus settings and programs. Better to back up the hard disk before you start though if you have anything of importance on that hard disk.

With a modicum of knowledge and lots of planning will you be able to get your Acer Aspire One to dual boot? YES YOU CAN! (With apologies to Barack Obama!). The actual steps required are very straightforward thanks to DJ_Steve's detailed guide. I have added in extra bits for clarity where I had "issues" that I needed to resolve. If you get stuck at any point send me or Steve (I found him very approachable) a private message via the forum and we'll do our level best to help.

One tip right away: don't try this at 10pm one night when you know you must be up at 6am the next morning. Give yourself plenty of time. When the kids are in bed. And the spouse doesn't want you to put up a shelf or something. It probably took me 2-3 hours to dual boot my Acer with one little technical hitch on the way, nothing major but a little stressful at the time. The last thing you need is for it to be striking midnight with a non-bootable net book sitting on your desk!

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