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I cover many topics, and this web site is constantly being updated.

If you are interested in travelling to Costa Rica, Tunisia, Florida, Morocco or The Gambia this site has useful information.
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Bulgaria 2004 New!

Bird Friendly Gardening


Morocco Travels

Costa Rica Experiences

Florida Experiences

The Gambia Experiences

Tunisia Experiences

Tenerife (2004)
My Balkan Travels, Summer 2004
Bulgaria 2004
Picture of FVRT100 PVR Freeview Recorder DigiFusion FVRT100/200
(Hard Disk Freeview Recorder)
Tunisia (2002 + 2007)
Bird Friendly Gardening
Bird Friendly Gardening
Acer Aspire 150 Dual Boot XP/Linpus
Acer Aspire 150 Dual Boot XP/Linpus
The Gambia
The Gambia (2001)
Tales from Costa Rica
Costa Rica (2003)

Sunny Florida
Sunny Florida (2010)


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